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D Planet Dance & Fitness Academy is the dancer’s paradise. It was set up by Mr. Sushant Shaw whose main aim was to provide quality education of dance along with maintaining the proper fitness of the clients. D Planet is well known for its affordably priced high class services. We at D Planet possess everything that a reputed academy needs of- professional, harmonized and also proficient. Setting aside the trophy of the best dance and fitness centre, we are also well known for our exquisite and elegant choreography in weddings from which we have received many appreciations from our clients along with from the millions of viewers on our youtube channel. We work with a hand full of professional dance teachers and instructors who are always ready to give their best while making learning dance much more fun. We specialize in conducting special classes

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Dance Fever 24 May, 2018

Dance Fever

The heart of Salsa is a short sequence of moves called the Basic (“forward, replace, together, back, replace, together” if you’re interested). In the beginners class I went to, we spent much of our time drilling the basic. Later, I was surprised that I could see the basic pop up in performances by professional dancers too.

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