Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Customer has to agree terms of service before journey begins.

The customer agrees that in order to ensure both his/her and the driver’s safety on road, he/she will not cause any distraction while the service is in progress.

Driver or the company is not responsible if vehicle has black film or tinted incase caught by the police.

The Driver’s responsibility is limited to driving the customer to the destination specified by using his/her own vehicle.

In no events will it assumes liability for damage or injury sustained through faulty brakes or poor condition of vehicle or its part.

The customer has to agree that the vehicle properly covered by insurance.

In case of any accident, the company’s is not responsible for the same but we will assist you to claim insurance as per insurance as per your car insurance policy.

The driver has the right to stop the car and discontinue the service once the customer mistreat with him in any way that could endanger the life of both the customer and the driver.

The acceptance of the service constitute acknowledgment by customer that they have read and agree to the forgoing terms of service.

By availing the services of our company, you agree with the terms and conditions as listed here. It is the responsibility of the customer to fully understand these terms and conditions so that there is no scope for confusions or misunderstanding of any sort. In case you do not agree with the terms and conditions mentioned below, then you should not opt for the services that are provided by us.

All our drivers are under contractual agreement with the company hence all our drivers are advised not to solicit our customers directly or indirectly for any driver services. Also our customers are obligated not to employ any drivers of Hello Driver on permanent or temporary basis without the consent of the company.

You should engage our services only if your vehicle is covered under a comprehensive insurance through a credible motor vehicle insurer in India.

Please do not insist and/or encourage the driver for rash driving, over speeding, jumping traffic signals, driving in wrong lane/side, overtaking, off roading, race/competition etc.